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Helicopters to the Rescue

Helicopters to the RescueThis dramatic one-hour special features amazing “on-scene” footage of phenomenal rescues with Coast Guard helicopters and crews. You’ll learn about the helicopters and the teamwork required to successfully execute an at-sea or inland rescue. You’ll fly with a Coast Guard team into a hurricane in an effort to rescue a family of four, including a four-month-old-baby; into the mountains of Northern California to save a victim of a tragic swimming accident; along the rugged Oregon coast for a harrowing rescue of a young man trapped on the side of a near-vertical cliff face; and over the waters of the Atlantic in a desperate search for a downed Air Force pilot.

Produced in association with the Discovery Channel, Coast Guard: Helicopters to the Rescue was created by the executive producers of Coast Guard, the first reality series based on a branch of the military. Coast Guard ran for three years on over 100 stations across the country and still airs internationally as Sea Rescue.