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Infants: Fight for Life

Infants1The baby is born. She’s been cleaned, measured and weighed, but she doesn’t rest swaddled in her mother’s arms. Instead, the beeps of machines and monitors are her constant lullaby, and the tubes and wires in her tiny body replace a parent’s touch. And despite all these efforts, no one knows if she will live or die.

Infants: Fight for Life plunges you into the exciting, critical world of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where sick newborns struggle to overcome fatal conditions and medical professionals use the most advanced technologies to aid in the battle. Anxious parents stand by, watching their infant children undergo complex surgeries and other intricate procedures — hoping for a breakthrough, a cure, a miracle.

This one hour special brings you their lives and their stories: the tears of a new mother, the triumphs of a dedicated doctor, the unlikely resilience of a suffering newborn. Real interviews and on-scene footage explore the challenges — both emotional and medical — of families, hospital staff, and the smallest of patients.

You will accompany Baby Eddie through surgery and therapy that may at last allow his undeveloped lungs to grow. You will watch the dramatic birth of the Faul twins, one of whom is diagnosed in utero with a potentially life-threatening cyst. You will meet Baby Prakhar, stricken with a mysterious virus that confounds doctors. And you will witness the hourly upheavals of the NICU, the sudden shifts in condition that can reverse a baby’s fate — for better or worse.

Enter the fascinating world of Infants: Fight for Life, and encounter some of the greatest joys and deepest sorrows afforded by all of human experience.