TuffCubby Entertainment

Memories Made Here

This half-hour television special takes viewers to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, where they will experience the sights and sounds of Northern California’s busiest amusement park. The park plays host to over three million Guests every year. In this special, we follow one such Guest as he experiences his first ride on the Boardwalk’s historic landmark, the Giant Dipper. August Eymann’s rite of passage weaves throughout the half-hour as we also hear from Guests of what they like about the Boardwalk in segments called, The One Best Thing. Viewers also learn more about the Giant Dipper, welcome the newest Coaster, The Undertow, to the ‘Walk, and meet the concessionaire families that call the Boardwalk home, some for generations.

The special aired throughout Northern California over the summer of 2015.