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Perfect Storm Rescues

Perfect Storm RescuesExperience the awesome power of nature’s fiercest storms with the coast Guard’s heroic rescue squads.

In October of 1991, one of the most intense storms ever recorded smashed into the eastern coast of North America. This incredible storm destroyed fishing boats and led to astonishing sea rescues, forever memorialized in the bestselling book – now a blockbuster motion picture. This spectacular production includes video of actual rescues featured in the book, explores many other courageous rescues from storm-ravaged seas and takes a behind-the-scenes look at the men, women and training of the U.S. Coast Guard rescue teams.

Part One
Perfect Storm Rescues documents the devastating power of storms on the high-seas. These storms can create giant waves – some as big as high-rise buildings – which can destroy even the largest vessels, but are particularly dangerous to commercial fishermen. When an emergency call goes out, the Coast Guard braves the elements to save lives. You will join the Coast Guard for many of the most dramatic rescue missions ever captured on video, including rescues featured in the bestselling book. From the coast of New England to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, witness exciting life or death struggles between rescue crews and the powerful forces of the Perfect Storms.

Part Two
Rescue Swimmers takes an in-depth look at what it takes to become a U.S Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer. Their training is among the most specialized and intense anywhere ad includes extreme physical conditioning, survival skills and helicopter jumps into freezing and storm-ravaged seas. Few make the grade, and those that do must be ready to put their lives on the line at a moment’s notice. Also included are more dramatic rescue operations, each demonstrating the amazing on-the-job heroism and bravery of Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers.